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Had a little fun with the official Christmas images and some doujinshi scans...

1. 2.

Behind the Cut:
5-- Christmas Themed
2-- Kagome
2-- InuYasha
8-- InuYasha/Kagome
1-- Sesshoumaru/Kagura
1-- Suikotsu
1-- Hiten
1-- Suikotsu/Kikyou
1-- Bankotsu
1-- Jakotsu
7-- Bankotsu/Jakotsu

Just a Little Thing Called Love )

33. 34.

Behind the cut:
2-- Wicked
3-- La Cage aux Folles
2-- Avenue Q

In the Spotlight )

-- Comment to this post and *tell* me what numbers you are taking.

-- Place credit *in the keywords* to "ushitora_icons"

-- If you are going to use this somewhere *aside* from Livejournal-- give me the url/greatest journal name/forum url/etc and do place credit to "ushitora_icons" at LJ.

Enjoy ^^


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