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101 Pokemon icons! (Get a custom icon of your custom trainer!)

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Welcome to Kalos! )

REQUEST AN ICON (for a limited time only!)

Did I miss your favorite Gen 6 pokemon? Would you like an icon of one of your pokemon in amie? Or of your custom trainer? THEN THIS REQUEST TIME IS FOR YOU!

1) If I missed your Gen 6 fave, Reply with the name of the pokemon and I will make you an icon out of official art for it like this. Please limit these requests to 3 pokemon!

2) Pokemon Amie icons require that you provide me a good photo of what you want iconned. The better the quality of the image you give me, the better the icon you get in return. You will receive in return an icon like this of your pokemon. I will take up to 3 requests per person on this.

3) Custom Trainer icons! Provide me a good quality photo of your trainer or your trainer with another character (can be a photo you took in game and saved off global link or one from your camera that you've uploaded). You will receive in return an icon like this of your trainer. I will take up to 2 requests per person on this.

-- Blanks are not bases. ALL icons are for taking as-is.

-- Comment to this post and tell me what numbers you are taking. If you take a bunch, please at least let me know the numbers of those you really like. This helps me decide which icon-styles are best and which to use in the future.

-- Place credit in the keywords to "ushitora_icons" on livejournal and onelittlespark on Dreamwidth!

Feel free to friend the journal if you like what you see and thanks for visiting! :)


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