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In case you've never been involved in one of these- this it how it goes. Reply to this post with the survey below and link this post to your friendslist so more people will come post their survey. Then people will browse through the replies to see if there's anyone they'd like to friend. Then just reply to them and ask to friend. Simple as that!

A few little rules:
1) KEEP ALL IMAGES PG-13 or below! (since some of us like to use LJ at work XD)
2) Be nice and don't bash people/characters/pairings!
3) That being said- start spreading the word and replying! And don't be shy!

Main Fandoms:
Other Fandoms:
Favorite characters:
Favorite pairings:
What do you post about in your journal?:
What are you looking for in an LJ-friend?: (this can include anything from 'someone who'll comment' to 'someone to RP with' etc.)
Favorite Books:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Movies:
Other Interests:
Anything else?:


~* We're Still on LJ! A Multi-Fandom Friending Meme *~


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