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38 icons, including:
8- Kyoukai no Rinne
6- InuYasha
19- Macross Frontier
5- Misc. [Amatsuki, Slayers, Gundam Seed]

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-- Blanks are not bases. ALL icons are for taking as-is.

-- Comment to this post and tell me what numbers you are taking. If you take a bunch, please at least let me know the numbers of those you really like. This helps me decide which icon-styles are best and which to use in the future.

-- Place credit in the keywords to "ushitora_icons"

-- If you are going to use this somewhere *aside* from Livejournal-- give me the url/greatest journal name/forum url/etc and do place credit to "ushitora_icons" at LJ.

- If you have any questions, please reference the FAQ first.

Thank you and enjoy!


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