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Well, I've been a busy icon maker and decided to pile up a huge batch... needless to say, it's larger than I first expected giving me 76 total icons in this post.

Enjoy and make sure to follow the usage rules at the bottom of the post ^^

1. 2.

Behind this cut:
1-- InuYasha & Shippou
1-- InuYasha/Kagome
5-- Kagura
1-- Sesshoumaru/Kagura
1-- Entei (the horse)
1-- Akitoki
1-- Kohaku

11 More InuYasha )

14. 15.

Behind this cut:
6-- Sousuke Sagara
6-- Sousuke/Kaname
12-- Kaname Chidori
3-- Kurz Weber
1-- Kurz/Mao

28 more Full Metal Panic )


Behind this cut:
7-- Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~
1-- Yami no Matsuei
3-- X/1999
4-- Tokyo Babylon
5-- Gravitation
4-- FAKE
4-- Chobits
3-- Matantei Loki Ragnarok
1-- One Piece

Icons from Other animes )

-- Comment to this post and *tell* me what numbers you are taking (don't ask, just tell me)
-- Place credit *in the keywords* to "ushitora_icons." If you don't know how to credit in the keywords, then check the LJ FAQ.
-- If you are going to use this somewhere *aside* from Livejournal-- give me the url/greatest journal name/forum url/etc and do place credit to "ushitora_icons" at LJ.
-- Do *NOT* steal or reuse my animations! Either take the icon as it is or don't take it. Please!

Enjoy ^^


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